Plants to gladden the eye....

Plants of all sorts are our passion, we grow a wide selection of hardy and tender perennials, some shrubs and trees.


Tender perennials are often used as bedding plants, and in summer baskets and containers. We grow a huge range of these on the Nursery, either from plugs or seed, and we are therefore able to offer many choice varieties that may not be available elsewhere.

This year we will have all of the old favourites, including Antirrhinums; Busy Lizzies; Petunias; Marigolds; Salvias; Verbena; Gazania etc., but we will also be growing Calendula, Californian Poppies, Ptilotus to name a few.

Heuchera Obsidian

Trailing plants will include Petunias; Geranium; Bacopa; Convolvulus; Fuchsia; Verbena and so many others... Another speciality of ours are the Annual Climbers - fast growing summer climbers. We grow Morning Glory; Blackeyed Susan; Canary Creepers; Asarina and more in an assortment of colours

We try and stock a good range of hardy climbers, herbaceous plants, ferns and grasses – hopefully something to suit all soil types and aspects. We are happy to suggest plants suitable for your garden, and if we don’t have it in stock we will try and source it for you.

- full lists of all our plants can be faxed or emailed to you on request.

Hanging Baskets – Summer baskets are fireworks, winter baskets are tapestry...

Pub We have an excellent reputation for our hanging baskets; we fill baskets and containers for both summer and winter. For the best result we mix our own compost and include a Slow Release Fertiliser, water storing granules and an insecticide to control Green fly, Whitefly and Vine Weevil. This gives our baskets a good head start. Summer baskets are available from the end of May, Winter baskets from October.

The Never empty Bracket...

Our Premium Winter baskets are full of foliage colour and texture. We use winter hardy shrubs and herbaceous perennials with gold, green and purple foliage, evergreen grasses and ivies, winter flowering heathers, and more...

We underplant with spring bulbs and even tuck in some winter pansies or violas. These baskets (if looked after) will look stunning for at least 2years, and as many people only have one bracket we offer the following scheme. As you collect your Winter Basket in October, you order a Summer basket for collection in June.

When you collect your Summer basket, you bring your Winter basket with you. We then feed, water and care for your Winter basket over the Summer months. When you return in October to collect your winter basket for its second Winter, you bring your empty Summer baskets back ready for us to refill in the following Spring. Your bracket is then only empty for as long as it takes for you to drive to us and back again - there is a small charge for this basket sitting service.

After the second winter we believe that the plants should be liberated to your garden, and the baskets should be refilled afresh.

We would be delighted to fill your own hanging baskets, please bring them to us before March for Summer baskets, let us know whether the baskets will hang in full sun or shade and what colours you like – we will do the rest.

We begin filling Winter baskets in September, so please order before then.