65 varieties of seed potatoes

We begin the season in the first weeks of January with Certified Seed Potatoes. This year we started with 65 varieties. We sell these loose so that you can have as many or as few potatoes as you need depending on your row length, or pot size.

We offer varieties that are suitable for growing in tubs, buckets and containers, some that are blight resistant, others that are good for roasting, salads, mash etc.

We can also offer pots and containers to grow potatoes in.

12 varieties of onion sets and shallots

We have 12 varieties of onion sets and shallots, and can also supply to order giant seed raised onions such as Mammoth, and Kelsey. Please ring before the end of February to order these.

From February, hardy vegetable plants become available. We sell these in trays of 9 plants, and if it can be transplanted, we grow it - this doesn’t include root vegetables. Pete picks the varieties of vegetables that he grows, for flavour, and to give a succession of crops at harvest. Because we sow everything successionally not all of the varieties will be available at any one time, if you are coming any distance and want a specific variety, please ring or email to check availability, to avoid disappointment.

From May the more tender types of vegetables appear, Beans, Sweetcorn, Courgettes etc – we have quite a reputation for our Chilli plants and for the range of Tomato plants we offer, including black Tomatoes and white Tomatoes (honestly!). These vegetables are grown in trays or individual pots, we do both heritage and modern varieties, so something to tempt every pallet! Even if you grow your own plants from seed, you can buy something different to try for next year.

Hardy vegetable plants

Summer is a good time for buying herbs. Again we grow both hardy and tender herbs, Mints, Tarragon, Coriander, Garlic Chives and many more. Summer is also the time for planting Cabbages, Kale, Sprouting and other vegetables for over wintering – we have varieties of lettuce that will survive an average winter.

Autumn brings the overwintering onion sets, shallots, and garlic. We sell garlic from the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight, these varieties will thrive given a free draining soil and full sun – and no competition from weeds. We have begun stocking seed of many varieties of Broad, Runner and French beans and Peas, and again we sell these loose, so you can have exactly the quantity that you need.

Please ring or email and we will be happy to provide you with a list of all the varieties of plants that we will have during the year – do bear in mind that we cannot guarantee that all plants will be available at all times

And finally -if in the past you have come across a vegetable that you believe has outstanding qualities, let us know and we will endeavour to source the seed and grow it for you. This will help us to expand our range, with vegetables that we know people have tried and liked rather than just going on what the catalogue says!